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Frequently Asked Questions - for Stud Farms

Does it cost me anything to promote my stallions on Breedr?

No, including your stallion(s) in the Stallion Search database is free. All you need to do is register with Breedr and then maintain/edit your respective stallion(s) profiles, service fees and availability.

What happens when a stallion’s book is full?

Studs have complete control over the level of promotion and breeders access to your stallion. Studs can ‘flick the switch’ on or off on a stallions availability, whether it be for an afternoon, a week or the entire season. Studs even have the flexibility to alter fees during the season to better reflect market demand. If a stallion is full, breeders can still nominate to be alerted if a spare cover becomes available.

How does a breeder apply for traditional group discounts for their mares?

If breeders wish to negotiate deals outside of the advertised service fees offered on the Breedr website, this can be negotiated directly with Stud and then if an agreement is met, the stud will simply alter the fee on the contract assigned to that mare.

What happens with mares/nominations that Studs have already accepted this season?

The Breedr support team will gladly assist in adding existing bookings into the Breedr system to give you full visibility into each Stallion's upcoming services. Just send a message to [email protected] and we'll arrange the rest.

How can Breedr integrate with our existing systems?

If you are a Prism subscriber, Breedr integrates seamlessly into your Prism platform. Booking requests to your stallions from Breedr, will flow straight into your Prism system as a new booking, complete with Mare Owner details.

If you use another management and/or accounting solution, that's OK too. You will be given access to the Prism platform to manage bookings to your stallions, including new booking requests via Breedr, and generate digital service contracts.

Can my stud access the digital Roster Management tools even if I am not a Breedr user?

Absolutely. Again, we simply want to make life easier for the stud offices during the season. The Prism software that Breedr uses for its roster dashboard is the most advanced technology in the market and we encourage you to use it. The system has been designed to take both mares booked through the Breedr system (automatically populates) as well as your homebreds and any external mares (manual entry). One system for all.

Can I use my existing Stallion contracts and still use Breedr’s digital e-Signature software?

Yes, you can provide your own contract and we can configure the system for you (for a modest fee), or you can use a free standardised Stallion Service Agreement we have developed. If the mare booking comes via the Breedr platform, all the owner & mare details will auto-populate the contract. If the mare is an outside booking, you will need to manually enter the booking and mare details.

Can I send Breedr’s digital e-Signature contracts for mares not booked through the Breedr portal?

Yes, the ethos of Breedr is to make things easier for everyone. You can generate a digital contract within Breedr and for a small fee, use all the e-Signature features that will automatically update your booking contract status once it is signed.

Frequently Asked Questions - for Breeders

Can multiple owners access the same mare profile?


At the moment, only the ‘managing owner’ will have the ability to access the mare profile and make bookings. The ability to share mare profiles amongst several owners will be added shortly but there can still only be one owner with the authorisation to make bookings.

When a mare shifts from one farm to another, will the administrator access automatically shift across to the new farm?


For the meantime, owners will need to inform Breedr ([email protected]) about a change of managing owner or administrator. Soon mare owners will be able to offer permission based access to their mare profile so that farm managers and agents can make bookings on their behalf. For now, we encourage the person most likely to make the booking, set up the mare profile.

Where is the owners data provided in the registration stored? Is the data safe?


As safe as your details are with the bank. Breedr collates and uses this data for the purposes of pre-populating the digital mare contracts.

Can I use the mare dashboard to manage my portfolio of mares even if don’t book a mare with Breedr?


Yes. Breedr wants to help the industry better manage their mares and encourage breeders to use the software if you have 1 or 100 mares?

Can I download multiple copies of a mare’s pedigree from Breedr?


No, Arion are very generously providing just the one download per mare. If you want to download multiple copies or refresh the pedigree during the season, you will need to do that directly via arion and then upload back into your profile. The same process will need to take place if multiple owners wish to create profiles for the one mare.

If I already know the stallion I wish to book, do I need to go through the whole stallion search criteria?


No. You can bypass the search function and look up a stallion by typing their name into the preferred stallion field. You can do this for multiple stallions and then make your booking based on the availably.

If the stallion I want to book has a full schedule on the day I wish to book, can I nominate my mare on a reserve list?


Yes. A breeder can click to receive a notification from the stud farm should a covering time become available in any particular stallion.

If we have not answered your questions adequately on this page, don't hesitate to email me or call direct on 0414 896 988.